2007 – 2008

CEP 810    Fall 2007

Teaching for Understanding with Technology

Instructor: Susan Way

This course taught me how to use Excel, Powerpoint, and Word to support my teaching and enhance lessons for my students.  I learned how to implement effective lessons using spreadsheet, presentation, word processing and web based resources.  I also learned how to use rss feeds and sites like Netvibes to support my professional development.


CEP 811    Spring 2008

Adapting Innovative Technologies to Education

Instructor: Nancy Ayers

During this course I learned how to create a stand alone educational resource for my students to use independently using Powerpoint.  I also created a Web Quest that guided students through an web based journey to learn about importance of recycling.

CEP 812    Summer 2008

Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice

Instructor: Nancy Ayers

During this course, I learned how to create a multi-page website.  I reflected on my past, present and future goals to integrate technology into my classroom.   I created a developmentally appropriate lesson plan to teach Kindergarten students about giving credit and fair use.  Starting these kind of lessons in ethics are important at an early age.  I also created a “Tech Quest” project that focused on addressing the ongoing issues with Kindergarten Literacy.  We learned how to create an annotated links page using “Delicious.”