2010 – 2011

CEP 820    Fall 2010

Teaching K12 Students Online

Instructors: Mike DeSchryver & Alan Wu

This course involved creating an online course for students.  I created an online course that had a hybrid component for Kindergarten students.  My online course focused on our supporting our School’s Phonics Program and required a parent/students team to complete each assignment.  It was a lot of fun creating assignments that allowed parents to play an active roll in their child’s learning experiences.  It really helped me reflect on homework assignments and how Kindergarten students interact with adults who help them with these types of projects at home.  


CEP     813    Spring 2011

Electronic Portfolios

Instructor: Paul Morsink

This course was an excellent introduction to using web based portfolios with students.  The course included an introduction to Google Sites.  I liked how using a mix of multimedia could help me show progress over time for my young students.  It is a great way for me to reflect on past projects and showcase what my students are learning in Kindergarten throughout the year.  In addition to my student showcase, I really liked how I could share my philosophy and resume.

CEP 891    Spring 2011

Online Literacy and Reading-to-Learn in the Digital Age

Instructor: Rand Spiro

 This course helped me reflect on how our student read on the internet and how it differs from reading paper resources.  This was one of the most interesting courses I took during the MAET.  I learned how important critical thinking is when reading online and participated in discussions about how we can better prepare our students to read in these complex online environments.  We used screen casting tools to record to help us “think aloud” while reading online and discussed our reflections in a threaded discussion format.