Goal Statement Reflection

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My Goal Statement Reflection…

“Learning flourishes when we take what we think we know and offer it as community property among fellow learners so that it can be tested, examined, challenged, and improved before we internalize it.”

In 2010, my goals blossomed from a love of technology.  I was focused on how web based tools and local applications could improve my own teaching and students’ learning experiences.

Throughout my “Goal Statement” I seemed to focus on how technology would affect “my classroom” , “my students” or “my district.”  As I read them today, these goals seem so focused on what I could do in my own classroom.  Back then I would collaborate with the “techie” teachers.  This small community only included about a 10 teachers who I would email, see in the hall or talk to a couple times a year at face-to-face professional development opportunities in the district.  I remember feeling that my opportunities for feedback and reflection were limited.

While taking CEP 891, I learned about using Diigo and Twitter for collaboration and Professional Development.  It is amazing how my social web presence has expanded my professional learning community and changed the way I brainstorm, collaborate or share ideas with colleagues.  I no longer feel alone or that I am one of a few teachers who are excited about using technology in the classroom and repurposing HOW I use that technology.

My goals are more dynamic.  I now focus on using technology to open up conversations and share ideas in a community that isn’t limited by geography.  My goals have expanded and I feel that the sky is the limit when it comes to the way I approach professional development.  In addition I feel more confident about putting my ideas and projects out there to be critiqued.

After a Summer of intense project based learning with the MAET Hybrid courses, I really latched onto the idea that learning is not meant to be private, but public.  My goals are now focused on using technology to stretch my brain and improve my teaching/learning by being an active participant in a dynamic group of teachers online.

I want to inspire my students to use social media as an opportunity for collaborating, strengthening critical thinking skills and building on their ideas.  I strive to create a social learning and sharing environment in my classroom. I am excited to develop a Twitter feed for my students so they can make daily posts and connect with other classrooms on Twitter.  I want my students to feel connected and understand that there is a purpose for connecting with others online.  I am finding that social connections with other educators motivate me and hold me accountable so I stay focused on my goals.

– Bethany Arsenault